About the Charity Impact Awards

The Charity Impact Awards were established in 2017 to celebrate the positive contribution of Ireland’s charities, community and voluntary organisations and social enterprises. The awards also promote best practice, accountability and transparency by highlighting the stories of organisations and individuals who have made a positive impact in communities across Ireland.

The community and voluntary sector is an essential element of, and a safety net for, Irish society. The COVID-19 pandemic has shown how much we rely on the services charities, community and voluntary organisations and social enterprises provide in every community. These organisations are a vital part of our social infrastructure, significant players in Ireland’s economy, and they will play an essential role in delivering the vision of an inclusive recovery for Ireland.

Who is Behind the Charity Impact Awards?

The Charity Impact Awards are presented by The Wheel, Ireland’s national association of community and voluntary organisations, charities and social enterprises.

We are a supportive resource and representative voice for this vibrant and diverse sector, and together with our members, we shape and promote conditions in which people and their communities thrive.

Learn more about The Wheel and Ireland’s community and voluntary sector at www.wheel.ie.

What is "impact"?

“Impact” simply means making a positive difference in people’s lives. It can be tangible like a much-needed community amenity or service, or something intangible like increased confidence, a sense of community pride or well-being. Impact matters because it is the essence of why charities exist – why we do what we do.

Who can nominate?

Anyone can nominate an organisation or individual for a Charity Impact Award. See the individual categories for details.

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