Mary Redmond Award 2021

mary redmond

The Mary Redmond Honorary Award is named after Dr Mary Redmond, the late academic, lawyer and founder of The Wheel. It will honour an individual or group who has contributed in an exceptional way to the advancement of the community and voluntary sector.


The Mary Redmond Award is a national honour, bestowed by The Wheel’s board of directors on a person (or persons) who has made an extraordinary contribution to civil society in Ireland. The award is named after Dr Mary Redmond, the late academic, lawyer and founder of The Wheel and the Irish Hospice Foundation. 

The inaugural Dr Mary Redmond Award was presented at the Charity Impact Awards on 10 December 2019 at the Mansion House in Dublin. The recipient was Sr Bernadette MacMahon  D.C. for her outstanding contribution to deepening our collective understanding of the root causes of poverty and social exclusion in Ireland, her pioneering work on the concept of a minimum essential standard of living, and her often behind-the-scenes work at building community and common purpose within civil society. She was also instrumental in supporting Dr Mary Redmond in the founding of The Wheel. 

Deciding the Award

The Wheel’s trustees present the annual award to an individual or group who has, in their opinion, been of exceptional service to civil society / the community and voluntary sector or civic life (from perspective of organised civic movements) in Ireland.  

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