Social Enterprise Award

Charity Impact Awards Night 2019

This award recognises the impact of social enterprises. Social enterprises are social-mission focused organisations that engage in trading activity in a way to achieve their social mission, or to generate a contribution to the cost of delivering their mission.

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How to Enter

Any trading income or surplus they generate is reinvested in the enterprise and not distributed to directors or shareholders.

Note: an organisation can only enter this category or the Charity Impact Award category, not both.

Your entry must be accompanied by a short video (no longer than two minutes). The video should demonstrate your impact, what you do and/or why you should win this award. You can host your video on Youtube or Vimeo.

All eligible nominations will be showcased on our website and social media from 2 September. Entries close on 2 October.

Five nominees will then be shortlisted in each of sub-categories. From 29 October, the public will have a chance to vote for the shortlisted nominees. At the same time, a panel of judges will evaluate the shortlisted stories.

A winner will be chosen in each sub-category based on both the judges’ evaluation and the number of votes registered.

Winners will be announced at our Awards Ceremony in Dublin on 10 December.

Start Preparing Your Application

You can get started by downloading the mock application form. This will help you to start planning your story.

You can then copy and paste your prepared application answers into the live form when the Awards open for applications on 2 September.

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